This project provides a step towards the creation of a high energy astrophysics archive and advanced database system with extensive access to multiwavelength information.
The project is distributed across different Italian research facilities (O.A. Brera, O.A. Palermo, O.A. Roma and BeppoSAX SDC-ASI), reflecting on-going programs and expertise and is designed to provide an efficient online service to the community.

Among its immediate goals are:

  1. on-line access to distributed astronomical databases through a common interface;
  2. systematic application of advanced detection algorithms based on the wavelet transform to the ROSAT HRI and PSPC data;
  3. developement of suitable analysis pipeline (including wavelet transform detection) for the CCD data, in view of the application to advanced X-ray instruments (such as Chandra, XMM, Swift, others), in which the role of the Italian scientific istitutions and scientists is especially relevant.
The program comprises the developement of an innovative multiwavelength Interactive Archive, through which archival data, as well as newly obtained proprietary observations, will be accessed and analyzed remotely in an homogeneous fashion.
This project is in line with initiatives undertaken in other countries (e.g. NASA's ADS/HEASARC).

The system is designed to provide immediate access and comparison to a variety of sky maps and catalogues in different wavelengths. It will conform to widely used astronomical packages and adopt pipelines, which are characterized by a high degree of modularity.

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Last update: May 15, 2000